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Forced Circulation Heater

Calix Forced Circulation Heater is a hose mounted engine block heater with an integrated circulation pump that spreads the heat faster and more evenly in the engine, making it more efficient. Additionally, the FCH is easier to install compared to a heater with a separate circulation pump as FCH is more flexible in the positioning of the heater.

Developed and produced in Sweden.

  • Supply: 230Vac
  • Heater element: PTC, 550W @-20°C
  • Protection class: IP-46
  • Pump capacity: ~8l/min
  • Hose connection: diameter 16 or 19mm
  • 65 x 90 x 115 mm
  • Self-resetting overheat protection at +120°C

Part number:
1710000 FCH Ø16 KIT
1710010 FCH Ø19 KIT

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