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Trucks and buses

Calix solutions for heavy and light trucks and buses
Short journeys with frequent stops, along with onboard equipment that use a lot of electrical power, such as a rear forklift, or bus lighting, represent a heavy strain on the vehicle battery. In many highly built-up areas, you are not allowed to leave engines running either.

With Calix battery chargers you minimise the risk of an expensive stoppage as you wait to get help in starting.

With the Calix heater system and battery chargers, it is not just the vehicle utilisation time that increases, but overall economy is improved, thanks to considerable reduction in fuel costs. And the more fuel prices go up, the more money you save.

The CalixPro system includes the following items:
  • Engine heater
  • Cabin heater
  • Battery chargers
  • Cables and connectors
  • Timers and remote start

A warmed up vehicle with fully charged batteries is appreciated by drivers, passengers, goods and the environment.

Download Calix system overview for trucks.
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Download Calix system overview for buses.
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SEMKO-certified of course!

All Calix products are tried, tested and certified by Intertek
SEMKO is the division for Europe, and ETL the division for the USA and Canada. Intertek ETL SEMKO is one of the world's largest independent providers of testing and certification. So you can be sure that your Calix products are safe, reliable and always of the very highest quality.
Calix has its own certification laboratory to carry SEMKO testing. In the laboratory we can simulate extreme conditions that your vehicle might be exposed to. In combination with field testing on our customers' premises, this results in our being able to further improve and develop safe and reliable products.