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Construction machinery

Calix solutions for dump trucks, loaders, diggers, rollers and scrapers
CalixPro represents a complete system for the construction industry – developed for advantageous overall economy through greater machine utilisation.
The advantages of the Calix tank heater are a good example. The tank heater maintains the hydraulic oil’s working temperature during short stoppages or overnight shutdowns. All you have to do is plug it in and the system is ready to use!

The benefits are:
• Machinery can be used more quickly after start-up
• It saves fuel and improves utilisation
• It reduces unplanned stoppages
• It extends the service life of the components of your hydraulic system
• It’s environmentally friendly thanks to lower exhaust emissions

A warmed up vehicle with fully charged batteries is appreciated by drivers, goods and the environment.

Download Calix system overview for construction machinery.
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