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Calix heating solutions for cars
Cold weather and engines are not a good mix. Cold engines generate more toxic exhausts and they require more fuel. Moreover, with a cold engine it will take longer before the cabin is warm and the wind shield is free from ice. Research shows that up to +20C, money will be saved if the engine is pre-heated. Also, from investigations it has been found that the catalyst does not start cleaning the exhausts until after a couple of minutes of driving.

The solution to this problem is complete heating system from Calix. Regardless of which type of car or engine, Calix can supply an efficient heating solution both for the engine and the cabin of your car. There are several gains from this:
  • A pre-heated engine generates less toxic exhausts
  • Lower fuel costs
  • A windshield free from ice
  • A guaranteed warm and comfortable cab regardless outside temperature
Calix is supplying a complete heating system for the car industry. Our customers are the main car manufacturers in the world. We deliver cab heaters, engine heaters and custom made cables directly to our customers┬┤ production lines. As a full system supplier to the car industry Calix meets strict regulations and all our products need to pass several tests to follow required certifications and laws.

Did you buy your car without any heating system? Then you will find our certified quality products at our dealers. Calix heating system can be installed using our instructions or at the garage. You cannot make a better investment for your car than installing a heating system from Calix. Please contact any of our dealers find out more about any of our products.
Download overview of Calix system for cars.
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