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Welcome to Calix AB

Thanks to our long experience of car heating and battery charging, we can produce cab heaters, battery chargers, engine heaters and cables that suit your needs. Our products give your engine and car battery a longer life-span, while simultaneously providing you with a warm cab and ice free windshields. To us, quality is key. We are ISO 14001 and SEMO-certified, so you can rest assured that your Calix product is of high quality.
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Calix engine heaters

Calix efficient water heaters quickly warms the water in the engine to the right temperature.
You and your car get a better start with an engine heater from Calix.

Calix battery chargers

Modern vehicles with advanced electrical systems require a fully-charged battery.

Calix cables

Calix offers several types of cables of varying lengths for installation of Calix cab heaters and engine heaters.

Calix roof boxes

Calix is well known for car heating products, but does also offer a variety of models of roof boxes. Click here to view all the models.

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Calix sells its products through a variety of well-known wholesalers.


Here we deal with a few of the most frequently asked questions about Calix car heating systems.