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The right tools can halve your work

One distinctive feature of Calix products is that they are user-friendly and easy to install. You can, of course, use other tools when installing your heating system, but with the specially-adapted Calix tool kit, the job is significantly simpler to accomplish.

Tool kit Ø25 mm and Ø29 mm

Part no: 17 69045
Contains hole saw Ø25 and Ø29mm

Plug removing tool

Plug-out is a special tool which makes it both smooth and easy to pull the frost plug out of the engine block. In other words, Calix practical tool kits make a simple job even simpler.
For following plug dimensions:

Ø24-Ø26mm, Part no: 1769016
Ø27-Ø29mm, Part no: 1769015
Ø30-Ø33mm, Part no: 1769011
Ø34-Ø37mm, Part no: 1769012
Ø38-Ø42mm, Part no: 1769013
Ø45mm, Part no: 1769014

Mounting tools cabling

Part no: 1769050
Used at the end of the cabling for easy mounting.