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The new cab heater series from Calix!
WaveLine is the fine new cab heater series from Calix. It's powerful, and with a maximum noise level of 50DBA, it is significantly quieter than its predecessor Slim Line. The new design in black and red is modern and looks good in the cabin.

It's available in four versions with different power outputs: 800W, 1200W, 1700W, 2000W. It can be installed in different ways: use the mounting hold, the quick clip, or the wire bracket. The choice is yours!

Workshop Charger

Quick, safe and easy charging!
Calix new Workshop Charger is a fast, powerful and safe charger for batteries. The charger is compact and light-weight, and has the capacity of continuous charging in 100A, and can charge in 120A for 90 seconds.

Just connect a battery to the charger and let it do the rest!

The Workshop Charger is available in two versions: with 2m 12V cables and 5m 12V cables. Both types come with powerful battery clamps (P/N: 2302317) that can be purchased separately as a spare part. The Workshop Charger can also be attached to the wall with a wall mount (P/N: 2302313).

Calix Timer

Let your smartphone do the work!
With Calix Timer for Android and iOS, you can easily set the time for when you want your car to be warm. All you need to do is select the estimated time of departure, and Calix Timer will make sure your car is heated.

In the app, you can create weekly schedules for your travels – Calix Timer will help you determine how much time your car will require in order to reach the desired temperature.

Calix Timer can be easily installed in existing heating systems from Calix, but can also be installed in new systems. Simply mount the device in the engine compartment instead of a multiple socket, and download the Calix Timer app to your mobile phone.

The app runs with Bluetooth and has a range in and around the vehicle.

No subscription or registration is required.

The app is currently only available in Swedish, English, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian app stores.

Quick Clip

Quick and easy installation without the need of tools.
The new Quick Clip simplifies the installation of Calix cab heaters. No tools needed. Click here to watch a demonstration video.

GU 405

Multiple socket with 3 outputs for a smarter installation.
GU 405 is the new, smart multiple socket with which you can choose which direction to attach the SK cables. The third output can be used to connect a Calix battery charger.

Quick installation of a Calix system

With a mounting bracket from Calix there will be an easy and quick installation of the inlet cable (MK).
The mounting bracket is mounted in the holder of the car’s numberplate and thereafter the inlet cable (MK) is mounted with the expander (part. no. 1454401). The installation is completed by taking the inlet cable through the grill.

The mounting bracket is universal and suitable for most modern cars with numberplate.

Calix integral kit - Function and design

Since the 1950s, Calix has been supplying engine heater systems of the very highest quality to consumers and vehicle manufacturers the world over. We are now taking another step forwards by offering design combined with function, the Calix integral kit.
The new integral kit retains the function while making the installation both more attractive and more discreet, as it blends into the design of the vehicle.