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Calix Timer

Part no. 1600296
With Calix Timer for Android and iOS, you can easily set the time for when you want your car to be warm. All you need to do is select the estimated time of departure, and Calix Timer will make sure your car is heated.

In the app, you can create weekly schedules for your travels – Calix Timer will help you determine how much time your car will require in order to reach the desired temperature.

Calix Timer can be easily installed in existing heating systems from Calix, but can also be installed in new systems. Simply mount the device in the engine compartment instead of a multiple socket, and download the Calix Timer app to your mobile phone.

The app runs with Bluetooth and has a range in and around the vehicle.

No subscription or registration is required.

The app is currently available in app stores in Sweden, the UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Poland, Russia, Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Bluetooth relay


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Outdoor timer

Part no: 1756400
Calix Outdoor Timer for outdoor use.