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Together with our heaters, the cabling is the heart of our products.
Calix cable system is made with a focus on high levels of safety and quality.
Calix standard cables are approved for 240 voltage systems and consist of connecting cable, inlet cable and extension cable. For this basic system you can connect an engine heater, cab wall socket and a battery charger. It gives you a complete system with everything needed in a vehicle.

Our cables are made from different materials, depending on the requirements of the specific cable.
For example, the outer jacket of the connecting cable is made of a rubber mix, especially developed to be flexible in cold weather and to withstand years of it. The cables for set mounting are made of a plastic-covered metal shell, especially made to withstand the stress in the engine compartment including wear, temperature fluctuation, dirt and liquids.

Connecting cable

Calix connecting cable is available in following lengths:

Connecting cable 230V
MS 2.5 (2.5m), Part no: 1762625
MS 2.5 (2.5m), angled, Part no: 1762640
MS 3.5 (3.5m), Part no: 1762690
MS 5.0 (5.0m), Part no: 1762650
MS 5.7 (5.7m) orange spiral, Part no: 1762647
MS 10 (10m), Part no: 1762670
MS 15 (15m), Part no: 1762680
MS 25 (25m), Part no: 1762616
MS 25 (25m) CEE Marin, Part no: 1762687

Connecting cable 115V
MS 2.5 (2.5m), Part no: 1762622
MS 3.5 (3.5m), Part no: 1762623
MS 5.0 (5.0m), Part no: 1762624

Connecting cable with LED, 230V

MS 2.5 (2.5m), LED, Part no: 1762661
MS 3.5 (3.5m), LED, Part no: 1762662
MS 5.0 (5.0m), LED, Part no: 1762663
MS 10.0 (10.0m), LED, Part no: 1762664

Inlet cable

There are two different ways of fitting the mini connector: either fix it in the car using the retainer clamp, or drill a hole using a hole saw (see Calix tools), into which you then place the expander.
Calix inlet cable is available in following lengths:

Inlet cable 230V
MK 0.5 (0.5m), Part no: 1762505
MK 0.8 (0.8m), Part no: 1762508
MK 1.0 (1.0m), Part no: 1762510
MK 1.2 (1.2m), Part no: 1762512
MK 1.5 (1.5m), Part no: 1762515
MK 2.0 (2.0m), Part no: 1762520

Inlet cable 115V
MK 0.5 (0.5m), Part no: 1762500
MK 1.0 (1.0m), Part no: 1762501
MK 1.5 (1.5m), Part no: 1762502
MK 2.0 (2.0m), Part no: 1762506

Extension cable

Calix extension cable is available in following lengths:

Extension cable 230V
SK 0.5 (0.5m), Part no: 1762105
SK 1.0 (1.0m), Part no: 1762110
SK 1.5 (1.5m), Part no: 1762115
SK 2.0 (2.0m), Part no: 1762120
SK 5.0 (5.0m), Part no: 1762150
SK 8.0 (8.0m), Part no: 1762160
SK 12.0 (12.0m), Part no: 1762165

Extension cable 115V
SK 0.5 (0.55m), Part no: 1762130
SK 1.0 (1.0m), Part no: 1762131
SK 1.5 (1.5m), Part no: 1762132
SK 2.0 (2.0m), Part no: 1762133
SK 4.0 (4.0m), Part no: 1762152

Cable kit, MKMS

Cable kit MKMS contains:
Connecting cable MS
Inlet cable MK
Assembly kit
Calix MKMS kit is available in following lengths:

MKMS 1025 (MK1.0 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762460
MKMS 1525 (MK1.5 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762461
MKMS 1550 (MK1.5 + MS5.0), Part no: 1762610
MKMS 2025 (MK2.0 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762462

MKMS 1025 (MK1.0 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762468
MKMS 1525 (MK1.5 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762585
MKMS 2025 (MK2.0 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762586

Branching cable kit, GL

Calix branching cable kit GL contains:
2 extension cables
Cab wall socket KVU 303
Multiple socket GU 403
Assembly kit

Calix GL kit is available in following lengths:

GL 1.5 (SK 0.5 m + SK 1.0 m), Art. nr: 1760015
GL 2.0 (SK 0.5 m + SK 1.5 m), Art. nr: 1760020
GL 2.5 (SK 1.0 m + SK 1.5 m), Art. nr: 1760025
GL 3.0 (SK 1.0 m + SK 2.0 m), Art. nr: 1760030