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Part no: 1762010
The pump circulates the heated antifreeze through the cooling system, which guarantees rapid, effective heating of the engine.

The kit consists of a 12V pump, attachment, transformer (230V - 12V), and associated cables, and can be easily integrated with the existing engine heater system. The pump starts automatically each time the heater is switched on.

Mounting bracket

Part no.: 1762445 (packet of 10 pcs)
Mounting bracket for installation of the inlet cable (MK).

The mounting bracket is mounted in the holder of the car’s numberplate and thereafter the inlet cable (MK) is mounted with the expander (part. no. 1454401). The installation is completed by taking the inlet cable through the grill.

The mounting bracket is universal and suitable for most modern cars with numberplate.

Installation animation (download)
Installation animation (YouTube)

Retainer Pro

Part no. 1559091
Retainer Pro for MK mounting.

Retainer clamp

Part no: 1354606
Retainer for MK mounting.


Part no: 1454401

Nut Pro

Part no. 1559106
Nut Pro MK mounting.

Plastic nut MK

Part no: 1762440
Nut for MK mounting.

Replacement kit

Par no: 1502230
Cover for MK (inlet cable).
Contains cover, pin and spring.

Heating protection

Part no: 1769090
Sleeve 200 mm

Heating protection

Part no: 1769001
Single heating coil

Part no: 1353730
Double heating coil


For connecting heating coil and inlet cable (YELLOW)
Part no: 1556341

For outgoing connections (RED)
Part no: 1555190

Installation animation (download)
Installation animation (YouTube)

Cab wall socket

Part no: 1762313
Cab wall socket KVU303, 230V

Multiple socket

Multiple socket GU403, 115/230V. - Part no: 1762413

Installation animation (download)
Installation animation (YouTube)

Multiple socket

Multiple socket GU405 - Part no: 1762425
Multiple socket GU403, 115/230V. - Part no: 1762413

GU 405 is the smart multiple socket with which you can choose which direction to attach the SK cables. The third output can be used to connect a Calix battery charger.

Installation animation (download)
Installation animation (YouTube)

MK kit for embedded installation

Part no: 1559065


part no: 1756500
Summer / winter switch is an accessory for vehicles that have a variety of Calix products installed, for example, engine pre-heater and interior heater combined with battery charger. With the switch in summer mode is one active output, usually the battery charger. In winter mode, all three outputs are active.


Part no: 1557389

Relay RK2102

Part no.: 1753908
Relay which is used to control engine heater system from the car computer or other timer. The relay is activated with 12V signal.
Max load 8A 230V.