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Calix – saving money and the environment

As is well known, vehicle traffic has a major impact on the environment, but with a Calix car heating system in your vehicle you can be environment-conscious, while at the same time saving money. The colder it is outside, the more you gain by using an engine heater, but you can also use your engine heater in summer with a clear conscience. Irrespective of the time of year, warming up the engine prior to start-up reduces the level of wear. By avoiding cold starts you cut down on fuel consumption, resulting in reduced carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

Beneficial for both the environment and your wallet.
In order to cover all the various requirements, Calix has a complete range of different types of engine heaters. The recommendations table will help you to find the correct engine heater for your car.

Environmental Policy

Reference: SS-EN ISO 14001 section 4.2

ISO 14001-2015
The manufacturing industry Calix shall follow the applicable laws, regulations and other legislation and also work preventively against pollution and the market requirements shall be met or preferably exceeded.

All employees shall, through participation and responsibility, with knowledge and positive spirit, actively work to achieve the stated objectives for effective use of resources and continuous improvement.